Egle Sakalauskaite


Established in 2017, Egle Connect is an art advisory company founded by Egle Sakalauskaite. Our expertise lies in providing tailored advice, curating art collections, and assisting with acquisitions. We have a diverse network of artists from both established and emerging pools, which allows us to source the best works for our clients.
We understand that navigating the art world can be overwhelming and feel exclusive, especially for beginners. That’s why our mission is to guide you through your journey and make it enjoyable for all involved.
For collectors looking to invest or diversify their assets, we offer bespoke advice and assistance to acquire blue-chip artworks from the world’s top establishments. Additionally, we represent up-and-coming artists and provide career guidance, advice, and resources to help them get their art in front of the right audience. We can even assist with collaborations and exhibitions.
We believe that art is a powerful tool for positive change in the world, especially in darker times. Our passion for bringing art to a wider audience is what inspired the creation of Egle Connect. We aim to share the skills and knowledge that we’ve gathered throughout our years in the industry with you, so that you too can enjoy and benefit from the beauty of art.